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Binghamton Acceptance Rate

SUNY at Binghamton Acceptance Rate: 42.9%


SUNY at Binghamton (or Binghamton University) is located in Vestal, New York. Binghamton University was founded in 1946 under the name of Triple Cities College. It was also named Harpur College before it adopted its current name of Binghamton University. The official motto of the university is “From breadth through depth to perspective. “The university is home to nearly 17,000 students who study at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The main campus of Binghamton is located in a suburban area of New York, on nearly 900 acres of land. The official color of the university is pantone, which is a green color. The mascot of the school is Baxter the Bearcat and the athletic teams are known by the nickname of bearcats. The school sponsors a number of different varsity sports teams, which all compete in the NCAA Division I level.

Typical Admission Requirements

Many students debate whether to apply to SUNY at Binghamton every year. If you are one of the students trying to decide whether you wish to apply to this institution, you could find some information that might help make your decision a bit easier. For example, you can often look at the profile of students who have already been accepted to this institution to see whether you have a comparable academic profile. In addition, you might also want to look at the acceptance rate of this college to see what percentage of students are usually accepted. If the school only accepts a low percentage of applicants, your chances of admission will not be as good as if the school accepts a high percentage of applicants. In general, the more competitive the school is, the lower its acceptance rate it as well.

When applying toSUNY at Binghamton, you will be asked to fill outan application form. This form requires that students indicate the scores they received on the SAT or ACT exam. In addition, it asks students to self-report their grades from high school. Most students who are accepted to SUNY at Binghamton hold aboveaverage high school grade point averages. In fact, a lot of admitted students hold a gpa of about 3.55 to 3.78. Another indicator that is considered when evaluating applicants is their scores on the SAT or ACT.Usually students who are accepted here score somewhere between a 27 to 30 on the ACT or around 1800 to 2055 on the SAT.

The acceptance rate at SUNY at Binghamton is 42.9%. Thus, only about four out of every ten applicants toSUNY at Binghamton will be successful in their mission to gain admission.In other words, less than half of applicants are offered admission. Like many other colleges, t the acceptance rate at SUNY at Binghamton have varied between 33.4% and 42.9%. Given the low proportion of applicants who are offered admission and the high scholastic achievement of these students, this college is considered to have a high level of applicant selectivity.

The national average acceptance rate for all colleges and universities is 55.5%. The acceptance rate at SUNY at Binghamton of about 43% is much lower than the national average acceptance rate. As such, it is harder to get intoSUNY at Binghamton than it is to obtain admission to the majorityof other institutions across the country.A lot of students prefer to look at a number of colleges close to home. If you want to apply to other local universities, you might be pleased to learn that most other area institutions have higher rates of acceptance thanSUNY at Binghamton. SUNY College at Oneonta, Ithaca College, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, SUNY College at Cortland, and the University of Scranton all have acceptance rates that range from 47% to 88%.

Application Process

Students who are interested in applying to SUNY at Binghamton are encouraged to explore this website. Before beginning the application process, prospective students should decide whether they wish to apply for Early Action or Regular Decision. Students who wish to be considered under the Early Action deadline must apply prior to November 1st. Students who are applying for Regular Decision have until January 15th to complete their application.

In order to apply, students are required to submit their application online. SUNY at Binghamton accepts three different types of applications: the SUNY Application, the Coalition Application, and the Common App. All students are also required to submit their scores from either the SAT or ACT exam and their transcripts from high school. Lastly, students should submit one letter of recommendation from either a counselor or a teacher.

More About SUNY at Binghamton

Housing at SUNY at Binghamton is unlike housing at other universities. Instead of traditional dorms where you might just know a few of your neighbors or floor mates, the dorms at Binghamton were created to be communities. This enables students to feel that they are connected with other members of the Binghamton community much more quickly.

Students who wish to become involved in campus life, aside from living in a dorm, can choose from a number of options. There is writing for the campus newspaper, volunteering with a student ambulance service, or broadcasting for the school radio station. Additionally, there are hundreds of clubs and organizations, for students with interests relating to politics, diversity, culture, academics, and ethnicity. There are also more than 20 varsity sports teams and many intramural sporting teams.

In terms of academics, students can choose from over one hundred different majors. Binghamton University has been ranked as the 86th best university in the United States, according to U.S. News & World Report. The university is especially well known for its programs in business, nursing, and science. This school is ideal for students who are considering a research career, as there are a wide variety of research opportunities available. This institution has a proven track record of obtaining federal funding from NSF and other institutions.

Many well known alums have graduated from Binghamton University. For example, entertainers such as Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Dave Rubin, Lee Ranaldo, Paul Reiser, Stephanie Courtney, Billy Baldwin, and many others have graduated from this institution. Additionally, Amy Dacey, Alan Berliner, and Faisal Farooqui are also alums of Binghamton University. The university maintains a strong alumni network.

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