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Brooklyn College Acceptance Rate

CUNY Brooklyn College Acceptance Rate: 32%


CUNY Brooklyn College is located in Brooklyn, New York. It is considered a public teaching college. The college was founded in 1930. The official motto of Brooklyn College is “Nothing without great effort.” There are currently more than 16,000 students who attend Brooklyn College at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The school’s mascot (and nickname) is the bulldog. The school sponsors 14 different varsity athletic teams, all of which compete in the NCAA Division III. The school’s campus is located in an urban area of New York.

Typical Admission Requirements

CUNY Brooklyn College is an appealing college choice for future undergrads.If you have been thinking about taking the plunge and finally applying to CUNY, you might wish to get a better idea of what your chances for admissions look like. One helpful way you can get an idea about admissions chances it to look at the profile (GPA and exam scores) of students who have already been admitted and compare the typical admitted student profile with your own profile. Additionally, you can look at the acceptance rate of the institution, which reflects that proportion of applicants who are actually offered admission to the school.

Once you decide to complete an admissions form with CUNY Brooklyn College you will be asked to provide document to support your application for admission. This may include obtaining your official test scores or transcripts. Using these indicators, it is possible to get a better sense of the profile of students who are usually admitted to CUNY. For example, most students tend to hold strong grade point averages from high school. Furthermore, students who are admitted typically score in the 1000 to 1200 range on their SAT exam.

The acceptance rate at CUNY Brooklyn College is 32%. Unfortunately, this means that seven out of ten students who apply CUNY will not be successful in obtain admission here. Within the past seven years, the acceptance rate at CUNY Brooklyn College has actually dipped even lower than its current rate. It fluctuated between 28% and 35%, meaning that at one point, only about a quarter of all applicants were admitted. CUNY College is considered to be an institution that has a very high level of applicant selectivity, based on a number of criteria (grade point averages, exam scores, and acceptance rate).

The national average acceptance rate for all colleges and universities is 55.5%. CUNY Brooklyn College has an acceptance rate of 32%, which is much lower than the national average acceptance rate described previously. Therefore, it is more difficult to be admitted to CUNY Brooklyn College than it to be admitted to most schools of higher education throughout the U.S.If you have considered applying to additional schools that are located close to CUNY, you may wish to see how CUNY’s acceptance rate compares to other area schools. CUNY is one of the harder schools to get into, so most of the surrounding schools have higher rates of acceptance. Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus), Pace University, CUNY Medgar Evers College, and Saint Joseph’s College all accept between 75% to 91% of applicants.

Application Process

Students who are interested in applying to CUNY Brooklyn College are encouraged to explore this website. The application process differs depending on your application status, but you can find steps for each type of applicant on the aforementioned website. If you are a freshmen applicant, there are a number of steps that you will need to complete in order to ensure that your application is reviewed. First, you will want to register on the CUNY Portal and create a new user account. After you have completed that step, you will need to submit an admission application online. You must decide whether you wish to apply to the Honors College or whether you wish to be considered for General Freshmen Admission. When submitting the application, all students are required to pay a $65 application fee. You will also be required to submit any supporting documentation, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, scores from the ACT or SAT, and personal statements.

All students who are appeling for freshmen admission must apply by February 1st. However, students who wish to be considered for admission to the Honors College must submit their materials earlier, as the deadline for that program is December 1st. Additional information about important deadlines can be found here.

More About CUNY Brooklyn College

In terms of academics, Brooklyn College is organized into five distinct schools. Thus, incoming students will be matriculating into one of these schools: School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Education, School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences, School of Visual, Media, and Performing Arts, or the Murray Koppelman School of Business. All students take a core studies program, which requires students to take foundational courses across the liberal arts areas.

Students who wish to become involved in campus life have a number of different options. There are a number of Division III sports, such as cheerleading, volleyball, swimming, cross country, tennis, softball, soccer, and basketball that students can join. Additionally, there are also recreational and club sports. Students can also join one of over one hundred student clubs. A full list of these organizations can be found here

One of the most challenging programs to get into is the B.A.-M.D. program. Students who are accepted to this unique program stay at the university for eight years and they are completely funded through a Presidential Scholarship. In addition to working directly with patients and volunteering, the students on this track have a heavy course load.

A number of well known individuals have graduated from Brooklyn College and have become active alumni. Some of the most famous alumni include Frank McCourt, Barbara Boxer, Bernie Sanders, Paul Mazursky, and Alan M. Dershowitz.

In addition to well-known alumni, students have the opportunity to take courses with eminent professors. Some of the most well known current and former professors include Itzhak Perlman, Theresa Wolfson, Abraham Maslow, Paul Edwards, John Hope Franklin, and F. Murray Abraham. Michael Cunningham’s work on The Hours, also makes him stand out among other faculty members at Brooklyn College.

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