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Colorado School of mines Acceptance Rate

Colorado School of mines Acceptance Rate: 37.4%


Colorado School of Mines is located in Golden, Colorado. Colorado School of Mines was founded in 1874. It focuses on both research and teaching. The official motto of the university is “Nothing without God’s will.” There are nearly 6,000 students who are enrolled at Colorado School of Mines at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The campus is located on 373 acres of land in a suburban area of Colorado. The official colors of the school are silver and blue. The school has had two mascots: Blaster the Burro and Marvin the Miner. The nickname of the school is the Orediggers. Colorado School of Mines sponsors a number of different varsity sports teams, all of which compete in the NCAA Division II league.

Typical Admission Requirements

Colorado School of Mines is a popular college to apply to for many different reasons. Do you want to learn more about your chances of being admitted to this institution? If so, the below article discussed important information about how the acceptance rate at Colorado School of Mines might impact your decision to apply. In general, if you are a top candidate with outstanding academic achievements, you might fare well applying to schools with low acceptance rates. However, if you have a subpar academic profile, then you might want to stick to applying to schools that have higher rates of acceptance.

Are you ready to apply toColorado School of Mines? If so, the school requires applicants to fill out an application form. Supplementary documentation, such as high school transcripts and scores from an entrance exam, will also be requested. The majority of applicants who gain admission toColorado School of Mines hold stellar grade point averages. These students usually achieve high school GPAs that range from 3.48 to 3.71. Accepted students also tend to score very highly on either an ACT or SAT exam, usually achieving a score that ranges from 1750 to 2040 on the SAT and around 27 to 31 on the ACT.

The current acceptance rate at Colorado School of Mines is 37.4%. Approximately four out of every ten students who desires to attendColorado School of Mines will be offered the chance to make the decision as to whether he or she wishes to attend the school. Over the past seven years, Colorado School of Mines acceptance rate has drastically changed from a low of 37.5% to a high of 61.5%. Colorado School of Mines is classified as having a high level of applicant selectivity, based on the high caliber of students who apply and are accepted to this school. This classification is made based on a combination of percentage of applicants accepted, the GPA of applicants, and the ACT or SAT scores of students who are accepted.

The national average acceptance rate for all colleges and universities is 55.5%. Colorado School of Mines acceptance rate is 37%, which works out to be around 48% lower than the acceptance rate at most colleges and universities. What does this mean for you? Basically, it translates into being a lot harder to get into Colorado School of Mines if you apply, than it would be to obtain admission to most other institutions in the United States. If you are also looking at other colleges in the area, the majority have higher acceptance rates than Colorado School of Mines, so you will have a better chance at getting into another area school. Some examples include Regis University, Johnson & Wales University in Denver, and Colorado Christian University, which all have acceptance rates between 70% to 97%. However, Colorado College and United States Air Force Academy have much lower acceptance rates than the Colorado School of Mines.

Application Process

Students who are interested in applying to Colorado School of Mines are encouraged to explore this website. In order to apply to this school, prospective students must complete a number of steps. First, each applicant must submit an online application form. Additionally, students must send their scores from either the SAT or ACT exam, along with a copy of their high school transcripts. Students must also pay a $45 application fee once they submit their application.

Colorado School of Mines accepts students on a rolling basis. Thus, you are encouraged to apply as early as possible for the best chance at being admitted. The priority deadline is November 15th, which is the date you will want to aim for if you are seeking financial aid.

If you are still deciding if you wish to apply to Colorado School of Mines, it might be helpful to sign up for a campus tour. You can visit the campus in person and learn more about the offerings at this link. If you are unable to visit the campus in person, you can also take a self-guided tour at the previous website listed.

More About Colorado School of Mines

In terms of academics, Colorado School of Mines has been ranked as the 88th best school in the nation, by U.S. News & World Report. The school is especially well known for its programs in engineering and it has ranked in the top 10 engineering schools several times. Students who are entering Colorado School of Mines will matriculate into one of the following three colleges: College of Engineering and Computational Sciences, College of Earth Resource Sciences and Engineering, or College of Applied Science and Engineering.

One ritual that most Colorado Mine students participate in is M-Climb. Students are invited to bring a ten-pound rock from their own home state and climb to the top of Mt. Zion. At the top, they leave the rock after whitewashing it. When they graduate, students can return to Mt Zion to take a rock home with them.

The university sponsors 18 different varsity athletic teams, such as golf, swimming, volleyball, basketball, and wrestling. There are also a variety of clubs and organizations that students can join. Well known alumni, such as George Sanders, Black Carrington, Sao Kya Seng, Tesho Akindele, and Shane Carwin have all graduated from Colorado School of Mines. Additionally, Andrew Hoover also graduated from this institution.

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