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Colorado State University Acceptance Rate

Colorado State University Acceptance Rate: 77.4%


Colorado State University at Fort Collins can be found in Colorado. Colorado State University was founded in 1870 under the name of Colorado Agricultural College. It is considered to be a public, research-focused institution. There are currently more than 33,000 students who attend Colorado State University at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The main campus of Colorado State University is located in an urban area. The official school colors are white, green, and gold. The school’s mascot is CAM the Ram and the sports teams are known by the nickname of rams. Colorado State University sponsors many different varsity sports teams, all of which compete in the NCAA Division I level.

Typical Admission Requirements

Many students think about attending Colorado State Universityfor their future collegiate studies. If you have been pondering the idea of applying to Colorado State University, you may want to learn more about the types of students that are normally accepted here. It is important not only to understand the background of students who are typically admitted, but also to see how the acceptance rate at Colorado State University compares to other institutions. Learning a bit about the acceptance rate at Colorado State University can give you an idea about whether you might be admitted if you choose to apply.

If you decide to apply to Colorado State University, you should first submit an application. As part of the application, each student will be asked to indicate what their high school grade point average is. In general, most students who are offered admission tend to have high school grade point averages in the average to above average range (one that lies between 3.23 to 3.45). Another part of the admission’s process requires prospective students to send along their scores from a standardized exam. These scores also tend to fall in the average to above average range for admitted students. In fact, if your score falls between 22 to 27 or an SAT score between 1020 to 1250, you have a strong chance of being admitted this school.

The acceptance rate at Colorado State University is 77.4%. Thus, almost eight out of every ten students who apply to Colorado State Universitywill receive an offer of admission once the decisions have been made. Throughout the past several years, the acceptance rate at Colorado State University has variedfrom 72.2% to 80.5%.Most institutions are classified as having either a medium or high level of applicant selectivity based on the scores of accepted students. Colorado State University is considered to be in the medium range of selectivity.

The national average acceptance rate for all colleges and universities is 55.5%. The current acceptance rate at Colorado State Universitymuch higher than the acceptance rate for all colleges and universities.Thus, it is harder to get into most all other institutions across the country than it is to get into Colorado State University.Students are often interested in applying to many schools that are located close together. Before deciding which school to attend, you might want to see how the acceptance rates vary in the same area. Colorado State University is a good example of this since some colleges nearby have lower rates of acceptance while others have higher rates of acceptance. Metropolitan State University of Denver, University of Northern Colorado, and University of Colorado Denver all have lower acceptance rates than Colorado State University. However, the University of Wyoming and University of Colorado at Boulder, have higher acceptance rates than Colorado State University.

Application Process

Students who are interested in applying to Colorado State University are encouraged to explore this website. Students who are planning to apply to Colorado State University should make sure that they abide by the deadlines listed on the website. Students who are applying for fall semester have the option of applying for Early Action or Regular Decision. Students who wish to be considered for Early Action should apply by December 1st. The Early Action program is not binding. Students can also apply for spring semester, in which case they need to submit an application by November 1st.

When it comes time to apply, each applicant must submit a number of items in order to ensure that their application is reviewed. First, students should submit an application online. Two applications are accepted by Colorado State University: The Common Application and the CSU Application. When you submit your application, you will also be required to pay a $50 application fee. In addition, students must also submit their scores from either the SAT or ACT exam and their transcripts from high school. Additionally, each applicant is required to write a brief essay, known as a personal statement, which can help you explain your reasons for wanting to attend that particular university. Lastly, you should obtain one letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor.

More About Colorado State University

In terms of academics, CSU has been ranked as the 121st best college, according to U.S. News & World Report. Students who attend CSU can choose from more than 150 different degree programs. The university is comprised of the following colleges: College of Business, College of Agricultural Sciences, College of Health and Human Sciences, College of Engineering, Warner College of Natural Resources, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, College of Natural Sciences. The university is especially noted for its programs in social work, chemistry, and engineering.

Students who wish to participate in campus recreational activities have a number of options. First, students can opt to join one of the 17 different varsity sports teams, such as swimming, golf, and cross country. Additionally, there are more than 300 club and organizations that students can join. Skiing and hiking are also popular pastimes for students. There are many fraternities and sororities that students can pledge, if they are interested in Greek Life. Freshmen students are required to live in campus housing, which is a great way to meet other new students. Notable alumni include Becky Hammon and Bill Ritter.

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