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Towson University Acceptance Rate

Towson University Acceptance Rate: 60.3%


Towson University is located in Towson, Maryland. It is a public institution and it is considered a teaching institution. It was founded in 1866 under the name of Maryland State Normal School. There are over 22,000 students enrolled at Towson, with the majority of students attending at the undergraduate level. However, nearly 3,500 students are pursing a graduate degree at Towson. The campus is located in a suburban area of Baltimore. The official school colors of Towson are gold and black and the school mascot is Doc the Tiger. The athletic teams compete in the NCAA Division I league.

Typical Admission Requirements

Towson Universityis a popular college choice for many students from Maryland and beyond. If you have been thinking about potentially applying to Towson, it can be useful to learn about the admissions process and admissions rate at this institution. You may also want to know what the acceptance rates at nearby colleges and universities are like.Understanding the acceptance rates at different collegescan give you some insight into your chances for gaining admission.

When applying toTowson University, all applicants are required to complete an application form as a first step. Along with this form, all students must report their official high school GPA and scores for a standardized exam.Most students who are accepted to Towson tend to hold average grade point averages from their high school career.In fact, most applicants who are later offered admissiontend to hold a GPA that ranges from 3.13 to 3.38. The majority of students who are admitted toTowson University also perform well on the SAT or ACT exam. Most students who are offered admission score a 1490 to 1750 on the SAT or a 21 to 25 on the ACT exam.

The acceptance rate at Towson University is 60%. As such, approximately six out of ten students who apply to Towson University will receive an invitation to join the university community. Over the past seven years, the acceptance rate at Towson University has fluctuated slightly (between a low of 52.2% and a high of 57%). Using the exam scores and grade point averages of accepted students, it was determined that this institution is considered to have a medium level of applicant selectivity.

The national average acceptance rate for all colleges and universities is 55.5%. The current acceptance rate at Towson University is 63%. This means that the Towson acceptance rate is nine percent higher than the national average acceptance rate. Thus, it is consideredeasier to obtain admission to Towsonthan it is to get into most other universities and colleges across the United States. If you are considering multiple schools in the same location, understanding how their acceptance rates differ can be useful to compare how they rank.Most area colleges and universities have much lower acceptance rates than Towson University. This means that it is easier to get into Towson than it is to get into most other area college. For example, Johns Hopkins University, American University, University of Maryland at College Park, and Howard University all have acceptance rates that range from 18% to 49%.

Application Process

Students who are interested in applying to Towson University are encouraged to explore this link. The application process varies depending on whether you are applying for graduate, undergraduate, or transfer admission. For first time freshmen applicants, the application process is relatively easy. Students are required to complete an application online. At the time they submit the application, the applicant will also be required to pay a $45 application fee. All students must send their scores from the ACT or SAT exam along with their high school transcripts, before their application will be reviewed. An essay is also required. Students also have the option to submit supplemental materials to bolster their application, such as letters of recommendation, a resume, or a ZeeMee link. Additional materials may be required for students majoring in specific areas.

If you wish to be considered to merit scholarships, then you should be certain that you complete your application before the December 1st deadline. All students who are planning to complete a FAFSA should do so before January 17th. Additional information about important deadlines and the application process at Towson can be found here.

More About Towson University

Students at Towson University have the option of pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree in one of the following eight Colleges: College of Health Professions, College of Graduate Studies and Research, College of Business and Economics, Honors College, College of Education, Jess and Mildred Fisher College of Science and Mathematics, College of Fine Arts and Communication, and the College of Liberal Arts. There are more than 100 different degree programs that students can choose from when considering a major.

When it comes to campus life, the majority of first-year freshmen opt to live on campus. Towson has more than a dozen residence halls. Students do not need a car, since the university provides free access to a campus shuttle system for all students. Many students opt to join one of the varsity athletic teams. There are 7 different men’s sports and 13 different women’s sports. The most successful teams have included the soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball, and swimming teams. In addition to getting involved in athletics, many students opt to join one of the dozens of fraternities or sororities that are available on campus. Additionally, students can write for one of the literary magazines or test their broadcasting skills through the radio or television station sponsored by the university. There are also hundreds of other extracurricular activities that Towson students enjoy.

A number of well known individuals have attended Towson University since it opened. In terms of professional athletes, Jermon Bushrod, Madieu Williams, Terrance, West, John Schuerholz, and Mike Locksley have all attended Towson. Amy Schumer, Drew van Acker, Charla Baklayan Faddoul, and Andy Karl have also spent time at Towson. Towson boasts a strong alumni network.

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