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Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Acceptance Rate

WPI Acceptance Rate: 51.6%


Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is located in the town of Worcester, MA. The official motto of WPI is “Theory and Practice.” The school was founded in 1865 and it was the first school in the United States to dedicate itself to educating students exclusively in the areas of science and technology. Over time, the academic offering that are available through WPI have expanded to include humanities, social sciences, and other areas. WPI’s campus is located in a suburban area of MA, close to Boston, in a highly residential area. The official school colors of WPI are gray and crimson. The school sponsors a number of different sports teams, which compete in the NCAA Division II league. The official mascot of WPI is Gompei the Goat.

Typical Admission Requirements

Thousands of students apply toWorcester Polytechnic Instituteevery year. If you are considering applying to this institution, you might find yourself wondering how likely you are to be offered admission. One of the easiest ways to figure this out is to look at the current and previous acceptance rates at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. This can give you an idea about what percentage of students are accepted and what their grade point averages and exam scores tend to be. Knowing how you compare to students who have already been admitted here, can help you decide if you should apply to Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

To be considered for admission toWorcester Polytechnic Institute, you must fill out an application form.In addition to this form, applicants are required to send supplemental materials, such as their exam scores and transcripts. Most students who get into Worcester Polytechnic Institute University hold grade point averages that fall into the average range. In addition to having a good grade point average, most accepted students also perform well on one of the standardized exams that are accepted by WPI.

The acceptance rate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is 51.6%. This means that approximately half of all of the students who apply to Worcester Polytechnic Institute University will be offered a choice of whether they wish to enroll. Over the few years, the acceptance rate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute University has been decreasing. The acceptance rate peaked at 63.5% in 2009 and reached a low of 51.6% in 2013. Given the exam scores and grade point averages of students who successfully achieve admission to Worcester Polytechnic Institute, it is considered to have a medium level of selectivity.

The national average acceptance rate for all colleges and universities is 55.5%. The current acceptance rate at Worcester Polytechnic Instituteis eight percent lower than the national average acceptance rate. What does this mean? Mainly it means that it is a little more difficult to get intoWorcester Polytechnic Institute University than it is to gain acceptance to most other colleges across the country. Many students opt to apply to multiple colleges in the same area. If you are considering other nearby institutions, you might wonder how the acceptance rates differ. In the case of WPI, most area institutions have higher acceptance rates than Worcester Polytechnic Institute University. For example, Clark University, Becker College, Worcester State University, and Assumption College all have acceptance rates that range from 60% to 74%. One local exception is College of the Holy Cross, who has a much lower acceptance rate (only 33% of students who apply are accepted) than WPI.

Application Process

Students who are interested in applying to Worcester Polytechnic Institute University are encouraged to explore this website. It has information for both graduate and undergraduate applicants. Students who are applying as a first time freshmen can find the application steps at this website. Basically, students are required to complete an online application using the Common App. In addition, in order to support their application, students should obtain one letter of recommendation from a counselor and a letter of recommendation from a teacher. Additionally, students should send copies of their high school transcripts. If the applicant wishes to have their scores from the SAT or ACT exam reviewed, he or she can also send those for the admissions committee to review. WPI adheres to a test optional policy, so if you are not comfortable sending your scores, there is no need to send them. You can read more about the test optional policy here.

Before applying, students should first decide whether they wish to be considered for Regular Decision or Early Action. Early Action deadlines fall on November 1at and January 1st. The Early Action route is not binding at WPI, so you can apply for this route without committing yourself to attending WPI if you are accepted. Students who apply for Regular Decision have until February 1st to complete their application. Additional information about these deadlines can be found here.

More About Worcester Polytechnic Institute University

In terms of academics, WPI is especially noted for its programs in engineering. Academics at WPI are dissimilar to most other colleges. First, students can complete more coursework given that the university adheres to seven-week terms, instead of the traditional semester or quarter system. Additionally, if a student is not performing well in a course, he or she can drop it without penalty. In addition, students’ knowledge is assessed not only through grades, but through the completion of a qualifying project or a major qualifying project.

Students who are seeking to attend an institution where they can become involved in campus life are sure to like the offerings at WPI. There are more than 20 different varsity teams, which compete in the NCAA Division III league. Additionally, there are a number of service and diversity related organizations that students can join.

Many famous alumni have attended WPI. The co-founders of Foursquare, Collabra Software, and other famous brands have graduated from this institution. In addition, the man known as the Father of Rocketry, Robert H. Goddard, graduated from WPI. Other former graduates include the current or former CEOS of Xerox, Clubs International, and Avaya. Additionally, Nancy Pimental and Todd Akin also attended this institution.

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